Here at Simple Healthy Living Community, we believe that your health comes first. And we believe that you can get to your health goals, simply. We want you to feel good physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Get your energy back, revitalize your health, and reclaim your life!

I'm Rajesh Chotalia, a pharmacist with 44 years of experience and CEO and Founder of Simple Healthy Living Community.


After spending 44 years in traditional health care, Rajesh saw every conceivable problem and the limitations of medicines for chronic conditions. 

Through his own personal journey, as well as his work with others, he was able to develop a lifestyle that ends suffering from sickness and restores your body to wellness through healing.

His holistic approach towards healing which includes mental, spiritual and physical balance, helped hundreds get their health and life back.

He embarked on a personal health journey that has transformed his life and his approach to healthcare.

As a pharmacist, he was on seven different medications and using traditional healthcare methods, but he still struggled to reverse the damage.

That is until he took matters into his own hands and learned how to get rid of these medications by following three key mandates of health.

These mandates include:

  1. Stop putting toxins in his body.
  2. Detox and cleanse.
  3. Revitalize and reenergize his body by providing proper nutrition.

By following these mandates, he was able to achieve better health outcomes.

Rajesh guides with individuals to design life habits with a focus on nutrition and building healthier lives. You can also get on a free consultation, Lifestyle Assessments, detoxes, meal plans, and offer one on one calls with every person, providing support, knowledge, and resources to transform their lives.

Rajesh knows firsthand how the power of cleansing and detoxing will improve your health. If you do not detox your body and then go straight to healing, your body will not get rid of your health problem. That’s why he encourages everyone to go for detox and cleanse to see instant effects. 

Rajesh has helped with men and women of all ages and walks of life. He is works 1:1 as well as in a corporate setting. Rajesh has been invited to a wide array of audiences including community members, medical professionals, and others at community centers, senior living communities, Toastmasters, libraries, educational institutions, and a variety of other establishments.  

Pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine are not your only options for healthcare. There are many natural options that can be utilized to treat you or your loved ones. If you’d like to educate yourself on wellness, be sure to call him or schedule a health evaluation below and he’ll design a personalized care plan.

He started the Simple Healthy Living community to educate people about the benefits of healthy living.

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