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James Dimitri Topitzes

Rajesh guided me through a 5-day fast that was physically and emotionally cleansing. I work from home for the most part as a university professor, so it was relatively easy to stick to the regimen… Read more!


Rajesh’s program really worked for me, and so I have recommended the program to many people. I hope everyone can join his program and take advantage of a healthy diet to keep disease at bay.


“As soon as I started the program, Rajesh came through with everything I needed to succeed, from the information and resources to weekly coaching calls that really helped me.

I lost weight quickly and immediately had more energy.

I would definitely recommend this program. If you follow this program, you will definitely lose weight, get the toxins out of your body, and get more energy. He even motivated me to join a gym!

He was extremely helpful and supportive during the program. It was great having a 1:1 coach.”

D. Patel:

“I followed through with his program and got amazing results!! Lost weight and got healthier in the process.”

M. Shah:

“Rajesh’s program was great. His lemon therapy program worked well. If you want healthy living tips, I recommend you enroll in this program.”

R. Irizarry:

“Rajesh, experience in holistic health and to get anyone from an unhealthy state of being to full health is outstanding. I’m honor to be able to experience first hand his ability to lead people to a better life overall”

Mukesh S.:

“What I know about Rajesh is that he has a lot of experience and knowledge on health and wellness. He taught me how to get better with a lifestyle change. With the lemon water detox, I got 70 to 80% improvement in my knee and hand arthritis.”

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