Get Re-Focused and Re-energized In the New Year 2023

Do you want to get back to healthy habits after the holidays? Are you looking to fight mental fogginess? Are you low energy, losing your edge, or worried about your drive in the new year?
Your guide to get re-focused and re-energized this year!


Summer Travel: How to stay Mentally and Physically Well While you are Away!

You need to stay healthy. You shouldn’t have to give up trips or all the fun while you are out of town, but you also can’t afford to throw your health out the window all summer just to “catch up” in the fall when the weather turns cold again.

healthy eating

How do you define Good Health?

Looking healthy and actually being healthy are two different things. You can be fit and still not be healthy. You can eat clean, and still not have great health. 

good health

3 Health Mistakes you don't want to make.

Why are people so confused about good health?

After spending tons of time, money, and efforts, they still don’t know the right and wrong ways to help their health.

healthy eating

The Answer you've been Waiting for to Transform your Health

Find out how, why, and what cleansing and detoxing is, and how cleansing your body’s filters helps prevent cancer, heart problems, and chronic health issues.  Prevention is so much better than a cure, and you can find out how to prevent all of these things from happening!

detox and cleanse

What My Students Are Saying!

“I followed through his program and got amazing results!! Lost weight and got healthier in the process.”

– D. Patel – 


“Rajesh’s program was great. His lemon therapy program worked well. If you want healthy living tips, I recommend you enroll in this program.”

– M. Shah – 


“Rajesh, experience in holistic health and to get anyone from and unhealthy state of being to full health is outstanding. I’m honor to be able to experience first hand his ability to lead people to a better life overall”

– R. Irizarry – 


“What I know about Rajesh is that he has a lot of experience and knowledge on health and wellness. He taught me how to get better with a lifestyle change. With the lemon water detox, I got 70 to 80% improvement in my knee and hand arthritis.”

– Mukesh S. –

I would definitely recommend this program and I already have to other people. If you follow the plan, you will definitely lose weight and get lots of energy. which I have. I am joining the gym, and his program helped me get motivated to do that. I’ve lost 15 lbs and I’ve maintained it. 

– Chintan –

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