This is a legal document between Simple Healthy Living LLC, “we” and the “client”, in which the client acknowledges that the purpose of the information we provide is to familiarize you with health and wellness practices.

It is a right that we have received from both universal natural laws and the Constitution to prescribe for ourselves a plan that includes lifestyle changes and many other decisions regarding our health.

The “client” understands that there is no intention in us to diagnose, prescribe medication or administer treatment for any physical or mental disorder; or against abnormalities, illness or discomfort.

We do not accept any personal or corporate responsibility regarding the decisions that the client makes, based on the information we share with him/her. Any treatment or decision that the client chooses to make will be entirely your personal responsibility and based on your own choices after being responsibly informed in any area of illness and treatment.

We do not accept any personal liability for any decisions you make based on the information shared, the signatory understands there is no security liability for personal safety, or any bodily injury suffered during the length of the program.

The use of the information of the questionnaire will be by discretion and direct request of the client. The client also agrees not to hold us liable or the individuals responsible for conducting this health and wellness program.

We recommend that after learning our health and wellness practices, as well as one-on-one consultation, the signatory develops his/her own plan for his/her life where he/she corrects bad lifestyle practices, modifies unhealthy conditions within his/her body, and puts him/her in a condition where the mind and body heals.