Staying healthy when you travel is super important. Staying healthy when you travel during the holidays is even more important!

Holiday travel can be really fun…but it can also be stressful, and leave you feeling sick. 

Why do so many people get sick while they are traveling and how can YOU avoid getting sick while traveling? 

1. Don’t let your routine lapse before you leave: you might be stressed about leaving, putting in longer hours at the office, skipping your nightly walk, or burning the candle at both ends to “get things done” before you leave.  That can actually damage your immune system so you are more susceptible to getting sick once you get out of town.  Remember: part of staying well out of town is remembering to keep your healthy habits before you leave.

2. Manage what you eat and drink when you travel: Many people use the holidays as an excuse to eat and drink whatever they want. Late meals, too much sugar, and food…that weakens your immune system and leads to inflammation.

Think about the last time you traveled: what did you eat on the plane? What about when you arrived at your destination? Did you drink the amount of water you needed? What about alcohol? Did you overconsume and get dehydrated? Did you load up on sugary foods and forget to put enough green things on your plate?

You can travel and still eat sensibly most of the time. You do NOT need to be perfect.  

Want some ideas for party-type dishes that are still healthy? Read my blog here.

If you want to know the healthy, gluten-free sandwiches I take on the plane when I travel, then watch this YouTube video.

3. Drink more water: yes, it’s that simple. When we travel and fly, we don’t drink as much water as we should. The plane leaves us dehydrated. Load up on your water before you leave, during the flight, and again when you land.

4. Bring Activated Charcoal Powder When You Travel: when you travel or go out of town or country, take activated charcoal powder with you – it will save you headaches and worries. Let’s say you started having nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and you cannot stop it – that can really ruin a vacation!  Chances are you have eaten something that is causing food toxicity. Take a tablespoon of activated charcoal, mix it with a glassful of water and drink it. It will absorb all the toxins and stop the vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea.

FYI: this is also good when a medication causes bad side effects. If you need to remove that medication from your system, take the same treatment with one tablespoon of charcoal powder.

5. BONUS: Manage Travel Headaches With This Trick!

Let’s say you have a pounding headache and you want to get relief with this? 

Here is what you can do: take a container and put hot water in it (as hot as your feet can handle without burning yourself). Next, put your feet in that water, and on your neck, put a towel soaked in cold water. This will bring down your blood circulation and relieve the headache. This is also very good for caffeine withdrawal headaches!

No matter where you travel this holiday season, I am wishing you health and happiness.