This one thing is the most important for our wellbeing and happiness. I can have all the money in the world, all the success in terms of material.

I come home and I have no meaningful relationship with my loved one, my spouse, my kids, my sibling parents, my life is empty with no bliss and happiness.

no bliss and happiness.

I have experienced this in my life and the lives of so many successful friends and other fellow humans.

I came from a family where I was never taught this or I had no role model. I had good parents and they loved me. They had all the good intentions and I have seen so much stress and tension between our parents so I brought that controlling behavior in my marriage and my family.

Was I a bad person who did not love his wife and kids? NO I loved them and wanted to do well.

I had to just unlearn all the things that I learned when I was growing up and get committed to educating myself and working on myself.

I was lucky and found good resources and people to help me with my journey to self-improvement. I spent time and money and it has been the most rewarding journey of my life. Now I can say that I have forgiven myself and my wife and kids have also forgiven me and now I am a role Model for them.

This has been one main reason that I got healthy and for last five years staying healthy and r Now I am able to guide and coach people so they are able to achieve it for them.

getting stronger Physically & Mentally

This is the one area if ignored life is empty and taken care of life is full of joy and Happiness.

Wishing all of you Joy and Happiness in this area of your life and I invite you to take a step to strengthen this area of your life.