We all know that eating well is on the list of things you need to do to have great health. But whatever we eat creates waste that has to be eliminated; this is whether we are eating good or junk food. 

Waste that’s not eliminated creates toxins in your body, and if those accumulate…. 

That is what will destroy your health and wellbeing – in spite of eating a good diet of nutritious food.

What does that mean for you? It means that you must detox.

Very few people know how to effectively detox – both Physically and Mentally. This is probably because few people realize that they are interconnected. 

If your Physical health suffers, then you will suffer mentally. Under mental stress? Your physical health will suffer.

So you need to help your body, physically and mentally, on a regular basis. 


Consider your career: when you work… and work…. and work and take no vacation, what happens? 

Do you get tired, fatigued? Do you lose your edge and creativity? Of course!

So now, imagine your body keeps working everyday digesting what we eat. There’s no vacation for your body’s digestive system. See the connection? Essentially, we need to give our digestive system a vacation! Maybe it’s not the vacation of your dreams, but we need to give it time to detox and cleanse. 


Fasting is the BEST METHOD of detoxing and cleansing. What I recommend for my clients, as well as have done for myself, is a 3-7 day Lemon Water fast. 

The first 2-3 days may be challenging, but after that 3rd day, you feel so energetic and euphoric because you feel light and healthy! 

This is the result of your body getting time to fix and repair itself as it throws away the junk from your body! It helps your organs, your skin, and everything in your body to repair itself. 

When else can you fast?

  • When you are coming down with a cold:

I recommend when you are sick or feel like you are coming down with something just stop and go on fast. (When I do this I usually bounce back in 24 hours!)  This allows your body the time to dedicate its resources to the problem you are fighting, not spending energy on your digestion system. When I am able to give my body that vacation, my body fixes the problem.

  • Mondays! (or pick a day that works for you)

I recommend to some of my clients to fast every Monday of the week – and the results I hear from them are amazing! If you are worried about fasting so often, then you can also do juice fasting, just make sure it is vegetable juice fasting.  

Want some ideas? I share some of my favorite juice recipes here

Even eating a liquid diet for the day and staying away from solid foods can be helpful. 

But the king of all fasts? The Lemon water (or plain water) fast. 

Remember: During this time your body is saying thank you for giving me the much-needed vacation, just like you thank yourself by taking a vacation from daily work.

I have clients dealing with inflammation and needing cleansing of organs like the liver, gallbladder, kidney, lymphatic system, and skin. After this fast, you are rebooted to a great energy level and health.

Stay tuned for my next blog, where we will talk about Mental Fasting. 

Your health is my number one concern. If you are experiencing pain and suffering, what have you tried? How has it been for you? You are always welcome to email me or message me so I can connect and educate you.

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