Do you ever wonder why you are so overwhelmed? Are your inner thoughts flooding your head? 

Do you find that you’re talking to yourself a lot? Is that talk really helping you? Why or why not? 

I have been there. Yes, I have felt all of these emotions. I had to really reflect on why I had such an inner monologue and so much NOISE in my life. 

When we constantly talk to ourselves, especially when we talk ourselves out of things, it is our own survival or our controlling mind trying to keep us safe. That revelation came to me this morning as I was reading a book, The Untethered Soul written by Michael A. Singer, that my son showed to me while on vacation in Hawaii with my family. It made me reflected on something that happened to me some time ago:

One day I was walking down the street and a nice luxury car passed by me and I loved it. My mind wandered and started chattering. It said something like this:

 “I’d like to have one of those cars. 

I can’t have one. I don’t have the money. 

Why am I stuck with this job? I have to find something better where I can make more money.”

Such a simple thing as seeing a car caused my thoughts to spiral and brought me all of that confusion and stress. I could have just said, “Wow, what a nice car!” and smiled, and that would be the end of it. Witnessing my thoughts and listening to them as an outside consultant instead of inside my own head, I’m able to ask myself the question: how am I getting sucked into all of this negative self-talk?  

Do you find this happening to you? 

We all do, at one time or another. And sometimes it’s really bad. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Take the time to just be with your inner self – the higher you – and this is what will get you out of this restless, anxious, fearful, and confused state of mind. 

When you take time to quiet all the “noise” around you, to calm the self-doubt and negative thoughts, you will find yourself liberated from the chaos and in a place of creativity and freedom. 

But how can you get there? 

You have to make time for yourself to SIT and THINK.

Find time to quiet the outside voices. Witness your own mind and its thinking, realizing that the world will go on regardless of what you think or do. Just be free, and remove yourself from getting hooked into your own thoughts that start to bubble out and create anxiety.

What if you made this a daily practice? 

Find a “thinking place” whether it is a rocking chair passed down from your grandparents or your oceanfront backyard. Someplace outside or just your favorite place in your home where you can go to have some quiet.

Call this your “thinking place.” Now, go there once a day, spend 30 minutes just sitting, thinking, and witnessing your thoughts. Put this on your calendar. Make it non-negotiable!

Whenever anyone has done this every day, I have witnessed truly miraculous changes. Their life is turned around with lots of creativity, achievement, and most importantly, fulfillment and peace of mind.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this? What happened when you did? What was it like to engage with your higher self? 

This habit will have a profound impact on your 2021. If you do this, I guarantee that on Dec 31st, 2021 at midnight, you will say “Wow…what a year, what a fulfilled life. “

And I want this for you. I want to hear on January 1, 2022, exactly what has changed for you. 

Continuing to wish all of you a Happy You and Happy New Year.