This is a month to be Thankful. In November, and especially around Thanksgiving in America, we celebrate this as a time to focus on what you are grateful for.

Sometimes when we get busy, it’s hard to remember that there are always just a FEW things that are not right in our life, and there are LOTS of things that ARE right in our life. It is up to you to decide where your focus is, and up to you and you alone to develop the habit of focusing on what you are grateful for. 

Wherever your focus goes, that is where your energy flows. This is the Universal law

Like attracts like. You attract who you are.  If your focus is a positive attitude of gratitude, then more of those things will show up in your life. This is the Universal Law.

The opposite is also true, and that is the main reason we see what we are facing now: chaos, fear, frustration, and depression.

Here are a couple of suggestions. 

  • Create a habit to write down a Gratitude Journal every night before going to sleep or as soon as you wake up (or do this both times.

This way you are training your subconscious mind that never goes to sleep to focus on being grateful and having an attitude of gratitude.

  • As You are gathering around a table with your family around Thanksgiving,  try this: I have done this exercise with my family and extended family and friends for over 20 years. You can also do this virtually via zoom or in your home with family.

Pick one person in your family to start and set the tone. Start by going around the table and start saying things about one person at a time – say why you are grateful and thankful for that person, and only positive things. Then, you can go give them a hug, or just say I love you. Then focus on the next person, then the next, until the last one is done. 

Then, you pick a person, and they do the same thing with all who are present. Do this until everyone takes their turn.

What I have seen happen is a transformation in the energy in the room. You see the relationships, and the openness and love present.  

I call this a Gratitude Exercise.

I want to express my thankfulness and gratefulness to all of you who I have met (and some of you I have not met!) for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge, passion, and be part of your life. 

Wishing you all Health and Happiness.

I Thank You. I Love You. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.