Have you considered practicing “digestive walks”? Taking a 15-minute walk after meals has been shown to significantly lower after-meal blood sugar levels. Another study found when you walk after consuming a large meal, food moves through the digestive tract more quickly when compared to those who did not walk.

Walking has other added benefits too; It improves boosting your metabolism, aids digestion, and lowers stress levels. Juan Delgado, a sports scientist quotes “It lowers glycemic index significantly, improves intestinal movements, promotes better sleep and boosts your blood flow.”

Walking after taking a meal produces this good-mood inducing hormone, according to Mayo Clinic. An after-meal stroll can release Serotonin, which is Neurotransmitter that promotes good sleep, helps regulate appetite, improves learning memory, and increases positive feelings.

After you eat a meal, some people want to take a nap. Fight this urge! Make sure to walk, not nap.

promotes better sleep

What I have found works for me is that after eating, even a walk in my backyard or inside the house during the winter months wakes me up and energizes me. It can be as short as 10-15 minutes. 

Bonus tip: after lunch or dinner I will grab my phone and make calls so I can walk and talk. This is great because I’m checking off items on my agenda plus I get to walk and talk versus just sitting. 

Sitting or staying stagnant is never going to be as good for you as moving after meals. Make it a daily habit and this will help. Think about having a goal to move 10,000 steps per day. Get creative and this small change in habit will be a very beneficial part of your daily walking and has lots of benefits.

Here are some more fun ways to add walking after meals.

  1. If you are at work, grab a friend or someone you can have pleasant conversation with and go for a 10 to 15 minutes walk after lunch.  

2.In the evening, go out with your spouse, kids, friends, or parents for a 15 minutes walk around the block or even in the house. 

  1. Add information into your walk! You can use this time to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, Ted Talks, YouTube, or music to make it fun.
  2. Have fun with your furry friends! If you have a pet, take him or her out for a walk.