Sometimes we don’t realize how coincidences in life can change our destiny, and how life turns around for us in a fantastic way.

About 7 years ago, I was having personal health issues myself; I had a lack of energy, erectile dysfunction, and I was taking 5 different medications for things like anxiety, sleep, and depression.

One day, my brother Tushar came to our home and started talking about this place he had visited in Knoxville, Illinois, called the Lifeline Wellness Institute. The Lifeline Wellness Institute is a naturopathic place where they use food as medicine and they help people with various health conditions. He told us that when you first check in, they do a Live Blood Analysis that shows the quality of your blood. 

My wife was interested and she wanted to go. She has Fibromyalgia and deals with aches and pains in her body, and she thought they might be able to help.  

Having made my career as a Pharmacist, I was extremely skeptical and I did not want to go. But being married to her for over 41 years now, I wanted to go for her. So, I went… but with lots of skeptical thinking.

When we went the next day, they did a live blood test for my wife. It was a finger stick and right after they put the sample under the microscope, which magnifies the blood 4000 times. Along with the Live Blood Analysis, they also did a dry coagulated blood test.

I was impressed by Ramon’s depth of knowledge. He clearly explained why she was having problems with this live blood test. Ramon is the main person running this facility and has a very humble, down-to-earth personality. His wife and two daughters help him with his mission. I felt so comfortable and that I could trust him.

I was so impressed I got mine done. He told me that my blood was thick with an excess of protein. Since I am a vegetarian, I don’t eat any meat (no chicken, fish, seafood), and very few dairy products, I was shocked. 

I realized I needed to make some dietary changes and to start detoxing and cleansing, alongside with making some different nutritional choices, like removing the foods that were problematic for me. 

This was about 5 years ago. Now I have no issue with thick blood due to excess protein, and my energy is back!  

I am now off all 5 of my medications!

I became so interested in seeing how lives and health could be transformed that I started volunteering there, and then enrolled in a Live Blood class. After I was educated in Live Blood testing, I learned about the program and started implementing it with my family.

Now, both of my sisters and one of my brothers went to visit. Their health has turned around, and they are in a much better place now than before. 

I invested in a microscope and I’ve been doing Live Blood tests at my home for the last 3 years.

Regular medical media does not recognize this type of testing, which is not good. There is a lot of controversy around it, which I can understand to a certain extent. Unfortunately, for some, healthcare is just a business, and you can make more money when people are sick. 

I have had a wonderful experience with live blood tests. I have now taken my MD friend (who delivered my son 41 years ago!) for Live Blood testing. She has two sons and their wives, all doctors, including doctors of internal medicine, family practice, geriatric doctors, and a dermatologist. They told their parents they are so proud of them for trying alternative ways to take care of their health, as traditional health care has limitations.

I will be live on Facebook on August 11, 2021 at 10 AM CST to give more information on Live blood Analysis! 

If you are interested in learning more or want to schedule one for yourself, please contact me!