I was recently talking to someone who came to me with an initial complaint of, “I want to do something with my health as I am not feeling good and I want to lose weight.”

As I started taking a deep dive with a one hour phone call to look at this person life by figuring out his physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well-being. I realized most of us are in the same boat. I was there 10 years ago and was much worst than this person.

Sometimes our health problems are not just a health problem… it comes from work, emotional issues, and our diet.

I want all of you to realize that if you or me want greater health, we have to look at all the areas and resolve them to improve overall.

Ultimately, the river of your life is your blood and health of your cells.

We have to look at those and correct it from the foundational issue.
Let us first look at cleaning out the toxins from your cells and blood. Cleanse all vital organs including the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and the digestive system. Then, work on providing proper nutrition to your body.

If we do not do the foundational work to detox and cleanse, how is our body going to heal?

I was a mess with my health 10 years ago when I was not able to work for 6 months. I had to look at ALL areas of my life and work to improve them to heal.

I can tell you that I am 65 years old and much better with my health than I have ever been! I am much more healthier than when I was in my 40’s.

We all have been victim to drinking the wrong kool aid, thinking, “when I get old I will have a health issue and I will have a memory loss.” Let me say that is not true for me, and if you do what I have learned and experienced, you will NOT have it either.

My clients have these common problems:
Pre-diabetic a1c of 6.8 to 6.9 fasting sugar 95-100.
Bring down triglyceride and cholesterol.
Has vitamin b12 deficiency and is lactose intolerance.
Right knee is painful and fluid between knee gap is worn out or not there.
Wakes up due to snoring and takes time to fall asleep. Sometime stay up for one hour in middle of night.
Skin reaction rash and discoloring due to stress
Felling of frustration and disappointment
IBS with constipation and belching. Uses Milk of Magnesia for relief
And more!