Let me share my story with you: I was 55 years old and had a constant problem: I felt tired, even after 8 hours of sleep.

My wife Kalpana was concerned. “What’s wrong?” she would ask me.

I would tell her that I’m just tired, and she asked an important question: Why?

I had no answer. I went to my family physician and went through all kinds of blood tests and….Nothing.

They couldn’t figure it out. 

In my life, I’ve always been motivated to serve and take care of my business, family, and do good for others.  

But now I had no energy

What is Health? For me it is ENERGY.

I was struggling. I went to India and went to Jindal in Bangalore. This is a Holistic Naturopathic clinic and people from all over the world go there. It’s an amazing place. I experienced some relief, but it wasn’t enough.  

I went to an Ayurvedic place called Nagarjuna and got some information, but even after spending lots of time and money…no results. 

I was frustrated and angry.

My brother suggested a small little place in Knoxville, Illinois. There, I took a live blood analysis test. From that, I found out that my body needed to Detox and Cleanse. My diet was healthy, but I had never gone through a Detox and Cleanse. 

I ended up being there for 15 days. I Detoxed for 3 days and then cleansed for the next 8 days. The other day we had 2 classes daily, on various subjects. They also offered cooking classes, lifestyle changes, and 1:1 consulting to help remove the diet that was hurting me and substitute in a diet that would help me.

This is the program I now follow, and because of it, my youth is back. I am 66-year YOUNG and excited about my energy and health!

I needed to detox and cleanse, and here’s why: As a vegetarian, I stay away from many triggers such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs. I sparingly consume dairy products. I eat lots of vegetables and home-cooked Indian food made by my wife. Because of all of this, I thought I was completely healthy.

However…my Input was more than my output (elimination).

What happens to the waste in your body that is not eliminated? It becomes toxic waste in your body and goes everywhere. Some of it gets stored in your body in organs, like your liver, gallbladder, and your cells. Those toxins have to be kept away from your blood, so the body covers them with fat. This is how we get obese. Get rid of the toxins? The body fat is gone.

(By the way, if you want to learn more about the difference between detoxing and fasting, you can read a blog I wrote about that subject).

I continue to go through the Simple Healthy Living Detox and Cleanse every 3 months with a Lemon water/plain water fast for 3 days. 

Is this fun for me? Not really – but is it good for my body? YES! Yes, it is. 

Now I enjoy my fast and I plan for it in my life. 

Some of my clients have gone through 7 days of Lemon water fast. For example, my client Chintan had amazing success! He lost over 20 lbs and got his energy and youth back. Now he enjoys spending time with his 2-year-old son after work and feels youthful, energized, and slim.

After my fasting is done, I go through my cleanse that lasts for 8 days, which I do twice a year.

The Results?

I no longer lack energy.  I look young at the age of 66. My nonalcoholic fatty liver is gone. I am off all the medication that I used to take (there were 5 of them!) My erectile dysfunction is gone. Instead of taking five medications, I have been on NONE for the last 4 years. I give more time to my wife and my kids that I was not able to give them before, and I am present and a great example of health to my family.

My mother died of cancer. My father died of heart problems. My siblings have Diabetes, Hypertension, and other health issues. Now I am teaching them, and some of them are taking less medication, or even off the medication completely. 

My take on this is that some of us will live longer.  Many may not have any issues until they are 60 or 70 years old. But I have seen too many of my friends and family get diagnosed with cancer around that age, or even die suddenly from a heart attack or aggressive cancer. 

They might even be eating clean, exercising, and spending time with their family, but they are not doing this detox and cleanse. 

That is why I do 4 detoxes of 3 days and 2 Cleanses for 8 days every year.

Don’t do it once and forget it. It is a permanent lifestyle change that you choose to follow to have great health.

Bottom line: I believe that prevention is better than a cure and by knowing the steps to take for my health, I am able to avoid cancer, sudden stroke, heart failure, and much more.