If you read any health and wellness blogs, follow health coaches or accounts on social media, or have even heard people talking on the news, you might have heard about Detox and Cleansing. 

Maybe you even heard about a “detox” or “cleanse” because a celebrity was talking about it. The terms “Detox” and “Cleanse” are sometimes used very loosely, often interchangeably, and cause lots of confusion as to the value they offer to your health. Today I want to simplify Detoxing and Cleansing for you.

When we eat something, as our body digests food,  there is always waste created that needs to be eliminated. However, if that waste is not eliminated, it becomes toxins in your body. And it can end up in different parts of your body. 

For example, waste from the digestive system accumulated as fecal matter in your colon and intestine can become toxic. It can also get into your cells and cellular fluids and cause cancer. 

Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. That is why we need to detox your body. 

I use lemon water or plain water fast for detoxing the body. I have to customize your plan depending on how much toxic load you have in your body and your lifestyle. I recommend doing this type of fast every 3 months or so. That way, your body is detoxed 4 times a year. You can think of it as your quarterly health check!

Cleansing is not the same as detoxing. Cleansing is removing blockages and deep cleansing your body. Think about your kidney and gallbladder. You may have heard of gallstones or kidney stones. These are blocking your organs, and create health problems down the road. 

Picture your Lymphatic system as your body’s “sewer system,” which needs to be cleansed. when I am your health coach, I guide you through the process of cleansing that will gradually clean out all of the stones from your body, cleaning your Lymphatic and circulatory system. 

Depending on how much cleansing is required for you personally, you may have to repeat the cleanse every 3 to 6 months.  

The benefits of Detoxes and Cleanses

Both detoxing and cleansing improve your immunity significantly, not to mention, it benefits your energy levels and quality of life! One of the greatest things you can see is your skin tone. You look like a younger person with a glow, and you look and feel younger too! After detoxing and cleansing,  your memory improves and you feel good.

Important Things to Remember After a Detox or Cleanse

Two important things to follow after a detox or cleanse is to go back to eating whole food plant-based diets (WFPB) like fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans, and nuts (sparingly). Remember to eat foods that are water-rich and nutritionally rich as well. These foods will help your body and body feel wonderful! Wondering what foods are on that list? You can find those foods here.

Additionally, we have to remove foods that causes problems like sugar, junk food, processed foods, fried foods, animal products (including dairy). It’s important to stay away from oily foods with saturated fats, and those are harmful to your body and mind. If you want to learn more about those foods, you can read my recent blog on them. 

How do you know if it’s Time for a Detox or Cleanse?

Many people come to me because they just don’t feel good anymore. Maybe they have aches and pains, low energy, or are suffering from inflammation or headaches. 

How do you know if a cleanse or detox is right for you? 

Are you feeling tired? Low energy? Constipated? Having trouble sleeping? Feeling bloated? Do you suffer from aches and pains?

If so, you might need detox or cleanse.

My job is to look at Individuals, their lifestyles, and their goals. Then I customize the plan and help restore your health and make sure we keep that health long term. 

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You might have read this blog because you were genuinely confused about what detox and cleanse are. Maybe you read this because someone sent it your way. Or perhaps you read it because you are trying to take control of your health.  You might already be feeling some symptoms of things your body is trying to tell you. Don’t ignore it!

If you want to learn more, continue to follow me on social media, sign up for my blog, and schedule your FREE 1:1 consultation!

Wishing you great health!