Nowadays, hair loss is common. You see many young men going bald or having alopecia spots on their scalp. Unfortunately, this hair loss is causing a self-esteem issue for all genders. 

There are so many causes of hair loss, and firstly, if you are dealing with hair loss, you should see a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss to start to uncover why.

Hair loss often comes from genetics, so there is not too much that can be done for it. In my family, we all have good genes in the area of hair growth and we have no issues. I personally have a big bald spot in the middle of my scalp that can only be seen from the back, not the front, which is very convenient! I was not concerned about it and never went to see the dermatologist. My son gets very concerned even about a very small alopecia spot and he is seeing a specialist for it.

However…not all hair loss is connected to genetics. 

Did you know that hair loss can actually be caused by inflammation? 

So, how can you tell if hair loss is due to inflammation?

There are some general signs, such as swelling and redness. Sometimes you will encounter pain and fatigue. Having digestive issues is also one of the symptoms. 

How do you treat them?

There are a few things you can do for your inflammation and hair loss: take zinc, biotin, probiotics, iron, and vitamin D, and don’t forget to use healthy oils. 

For specific conditions, you might need a medicated shampoo, topical steroid, antibiotics, and/or anti-fungal medication. 

Are you seeing inflammation and is it affecting your hairline? Don’t forget to avoid dairy, eggs, coffee, and alcohol, as those all increase inflammation. 

In fact, if you are suffering from inflammation, see my articles on the foods that might be causing inflammation, and the foods you should eat to fight inflammation. 

The good news is that any hair loss that occurs as a result of seborrheic dermatitis is usually reversible. 

Typically, the hair will grow back once a person has received treatment for the inflammation that triggered the hair loss and has stopped scratching or rubbing the scalp.

If you are experiencing hair loss, here’s the bottom line: do your best to get educated. If it is important to you, do what you can do but try not to stress; this will cause further loss of hair due to stress and lack of sleep.