When it comes to Covid-19, I can now speak from my own experience.

I was recently visiting a place where someone was Covid-19 positive, and I almost forgot that it was mentioned to me and to take proper precautions. When we were all helping to unload a truck, I was helping along with many others. I gave a hug to the person who had COVID-19. I just wasn’t thinking and didn’t realize at the time that I should not be doing this. 

One thing I learned from this is do not be careless: while I don’t want you to live a life in constant fear, you do have to be careful and cautious. Not being as careful as I should have been is what caused me to be infected with COVID-19. 

Even if you are a hugging person, this is not the time to give hugs, as you never know another person is infected with COVID-19. Keep your distance and wear a mask to protect yourself.

I am sharing my story in hopes that it might help others. I got exposed on Jan 2nd and tested positive on Jan 9th.  As of writing this (on January 21st), I am still positive from home tests.

The symptoms that I had, in the beginning, were trouble with fatigue, a runny nose, and some dry coughing. I did not have a fever, loss of taste, or smell. I had no breathing problems. 

Even today I have just a runny nose and dry cough, but my energy level is good. 

Even though we have been living in the pandemic for a long time, there is still a lot to research. There is also a lot of false and confusing information out there. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where our healthcare system is all about money–not necessarily about helping us get better. Don’t misunderstand me – there are so many good people working in the medical and health care industry, and we are all very grateful for them.

However, greed and corruption via lobbying are killing us. 

These few bad apples are ruining us. I am sure there is a cure or effective remedy for all of this, but greedy and corrupt people who are very powerful will do anything to discredit and if possible, kill those ideas and people so they benefit. 

What should you do if you find yourself Covid positive?

Make sure to eat healthily. This is not the time to load up your body with extra sugar and fats.  Drink warm soups and herbal tea. Eat lots of fruits and salad. 

Your body will heal by itself if you eat and drink healthily. 

If you want to avoid Covid OR want to heal from it, keep yourself healthy by managing stress and getting good sleep. All of this requires a little self-discipline. 

Staying healthy is not that complicated; what is required are good habits and self-control and you have taken charge of your health.

In the last 2 years, I have not faced any cases of flu or colds (even without the flu vaccine).  

However, I did get the Covid-19 shots (two of them) plus my booster. 

And l still got infected with Covid-19. This should tell you how incredibly contagious this latest strand is. 

Luckily, my symptoms are very mild and have not caused me any difficulties in keeping up with my day-to-day life activity.

How am I dealing with it? I don’t want others to get Covid-19, especially those more vulnerable with other conditions like Diabetes, heart disease, or cancers that make them extremely susceptible to getting much sicker. 

So, I have kept myself isolated at home and when I go out, I use masks and keep my distance from people.

Bottom Line: Make sure you do not hug, Do not touch your face and hands, and when you meet others, keep your distance and use a face mask. Be your own good doctor for your own health. 

Listen, read about this subject but also use your own mind to make good decisions for yourself.