Growing up in India, I believed being good meant being perfect or I wouldn’t be loved. This caused immense pressure and negativity. Learning that perfection is the lowest standard, striving for excellence instead, led me to an outstanding life.

I always try to do MY BEST and somehow it was NOT GOOD enough by others and I felt like I will never be enough, I am not smart, I will always be average and If I am all this then I will not be accepted and loved.

Look at all these thought processes that I carried for over 50 years of my life. What a pressure to live with.

Life changing event happened to me when I went to the Tony Robbins event where he talks about perfection being the Lowest standard. You want to change that and go for outstanding or excellence. Today’s outstanding or excellent is always moving forward.

Let us take an example of technology. If somebody would have told you never to write a letter and you can send it via phone (Fax) it would sound so amazing. That was our standard of this perfect goal not a way of thinking wow what an outstanding achievement. Fast forward a few years and E-Mail came which can do it even better than fax. Perfection is very rigid and creates pressure and tension. Going for outstanding and excellence is freedom and you can always do your best from yesterday and you’re out standing and excellence will always be moving forward and feeling of no pressure and tension. As you are comparing yourself to you to your yesterday outstanding so there is a freedom and pleasure of moving forward.
We now are living in an era where you will not be valued if you are ok. Who wants to work with an ok standard? Now if you are good you will get an ok reward as this is the way business looks at it. What if you are excellent or Outstanding what will your reward be? Can you Imagine difference between good and outstanding is just going that extra mile and reward is exponential. Always go for outstanding and your life will be filled with so many rewarding and happy moments.

Drop that standard of perfection as it paralyzes you and create all the feelings that I went through as a child.


Always compare yourself to you of yesterday and you can always be better today than yesterday. Perfection is never never never attainable or achievable.

Outstanding excellence is a journey not a destination and it is very enjoyable and freeing to your spirit. Go for outstanding and have an outstanding life full of Peace, Happiness, Love and Harmony.

if you bust out? oh well? you busted out but you did your best

Your best is always getting better. We are not looking for perfection, I’m looking for excellence.
Perfection is the lowest standard anyone can live by. WHY?
you will NEVER have perfection in anything

what if we said the fax machine was perfection?
sure, it was incredible…but we never would have moved to email, to text…[

just try to move vs. sitting in perfect.

excellence is a journey it’s not a pressure.

excellence is a pressure.