What is the secret health and happiness? 

For overall health, clean, healthy eating is definitely required. We all know that. But have you thought about why even when we know the right choices to make, we still make wrong choices? 

It all starts with this question:

How do you value yourself? 

People often stop and don’t know how to answer this question, so I ask a second one: how much love do you have for yourself?

Self-love. Most of us are always doubting ourselves and what we are doing. 

We say, “why am I doing this? “

How about saying to yourself: “I know why I am doing this”. 

Your good health comes from how good of a mindset you have, and what life choices you are making.

For excellent health, think about it this way: you need a good horse and a good carriage. 

In this metaphor, the horse is the mind and carriage are your lifestyle choices.

Without one or the other, you aren’t going to get where you want and need to go.

I believe your capacity is enormous with a good horse and carriage, as long as you know what your purpose in life is.

I’ve had countless conversations over the years with people of all ages and in the various crises of their health, and there has been one common thread:

I would say over 90% of them do not know what the purpose of their life is.

Not knowing that creates so much self-doubt and they develop a lack of confidence in themselves.

You have to be able to identify your purpose before you can make strides ahead. 

Make sure to work on it like I had to work on myself. 

Once I was able to identify my purpose in life and I started loving myself, my health got better and I started making good lifestyle choices. 

The same thing will happen to you. Once you identify your purpose, start loving yourself and get into the routine, it is automatic, and you don’t have to put any extra effort into it. You will have a good horse (mind) and your carriage (body) will be healthy as you will make good lifestyle choices.

Life is a generous gift that should be cherished and cared for. Start saying to yourself “I know why I am doing this” because now you are purpose-driven, not goal-driven.

Goals are great, sure. They can be about work, family, life, health, etc. But it is different from your purpose. A purpose includes that and so much more. Your purpose is your guiding start in everything you do in life. It is your reason for being here! It helps humanity and it is above and beyond just self or selfish motives. It is all about empowering and serving others.

There are examples all over the world of people who lived their entire lives in a purpose-driven manner. People like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi are great examples.

Purpose is very pure and when you have that, that is the magic formula for your outstanding health, your inner happiness, and your overall success in life.

I am 67 years old now and feel like I am so young. I am living in a healthy way, and loving my life as I am living my mission every day, which is: “To impact humanity, to restore Health-Physically, Mentally & Spirituality – to end their suffering from chronic health conditions.”

Please share with me your purpose in life. I have been able to help a few people with the work on finding their purpose, and if you need my help I will be honored to be asked.

Wishing all of you Health and Happiness.