I am so amazed to be learning new things as I put myself in the environment of learning.  As a Health-wellness and Mindset coaching that I do makes me do my own research and experiment.

I thought my energy comes from food and if I do not eat food, I will get weak, feel tired and not be strong enough. What learned is some time not eating, skipping meals, eating less or even few days of fasting without any food is extremely healthy. In fact, I have learned that I do not need that much food at all. When I eat less, I find I am more energetic, more creative, less brain fogginess and feel healthy.

eating too much

I have learned we need food as we were growing up as a child as that was the time, we need to build our organs, our body and food provides material to build those body parts and organs. Pregnant mother need to feed that little baby to build their body parts as the fetus is growing inside moms body. We are adult and after our 20’s we are not building any organs and system so we do not need food to build our body.

We have more problem due to overeating and excessive indulging in the food and sometime eating and drinking food that are very harmful to our body and have no nutritional value. To get healthy and stay healthy the key is to eat less, skip meals and regularly fast. Second thing that we do not focus and do it systemically is cleanse or detox our body on daily basis. Our body even after eating good food, organic food, whole food plant-based diet food needs to use energy to digest food, need energy to transport the nutrients to various areas of our body and on top of that needs lots of energy to eliminate waste that we create. So, as you can see, we are using more energy when we consume food and as we all know some time we eat too much and eat and drink food that has no nutritional values like Alcohol, Sugary drinks like soda, Ice creams, cookies cakes and junk food.

junk food

  • Make sure to ask yourself a question on daily basis.
  • Am I eating too much? 
  • Am I eating food that provides any nutritional benefit?
  • And is it healthy for me?
  • Is this food clogging me or cleansing me? 

Eating less is good, Fasting few days in a row is extremely healthy and skipping meals is good during sickness or feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Your body needs rest and by not eating we provide rest to our body so our body can heal and fight any viral or bacterial infection. Make sure to provide time and rest to your body so it can eliminate waste, toxins and virus and bacteria.

Do not worry when person is sick and is not eating  in fact it is good for them. Body will bounce back quicker from sickness and you will feel healthy.