I will say this a few hundred thousand more times before I die.

Your mindset is the most important thing to focus on and the only thing you can control. You can’t control the stock market, global conflicts, or other people’s opinions of you — only your mind.

How long you live depends on many factors, including your mindset. 

“You will yourself to death—or will yourself to a longer life.”

How long do you think you will live? Up to 80 years old? Maybe, up to 90? What would have to change to make you believe you could live to 120?

My mission is to transform the way you think: to change your mindset around many factors, including longevity.



One way to understand something is to understand its opposite.

The opposite of a Longevity Mindset is accepting societal norms that suggest that life expectancy for females is about 80 years and for males is roughly 75 years. 

(Data for the US population as of 2020, according to the CDC).

Just accept the things you’ve been told. 

I have witnessed this for myself, and I believed in the past that I would only live up to 70 years. 

Guess what? 

I started having problems with my health like gout, Acid Reflux, Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Erectile Dysfunction, Sluggish Mind, Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorder.

How did I change this? 

I had to change my lifestyle for sure, but before that, I had to change my mindset and emotional health. So even before I decided to go to a Psychologist and Psychiatrist, I knew deep inside me that I must– not I could, should, would, try etc). 

It was a Must for me, or things weren’t going to change.

This took me on my journey of self-discovering and first working on my emotional health (Mental Health).

You want to fix your body, lose weight, get rid of diabetes, stop cancer and so on. Outside coaches, professionals and other things are needed, and you must get them. Like I did.

lose weight

I can help you with your health challenges as a coach and turn your health around. I can even give you tools and lead you to some great resources that can turn things around. I have learned quite a bit about Mindset, Emotional Health, and Physical health. Like me, you’ve probably done quite a bit of reading, watching YouTube videos, or listening to podcasts webinars. It’s quite another thing to have a coach walking you through it as you learn. 

One thing no one can do for you is make your conviction, determination, and discipline change. You must make it a MUST for you. 

You will hear me say this a few hundred thousand times, your mindset is the most important thing you have, and it is something you should take responsibility for.

Wishing and Praying for Health & Happiness to all my brothers, sisters and fellow Human Beings.