At the holiday season, everyone thinks about family and holiday traditions. And every family has different holiday traditions. 

During this time, our family takes out the Christmas tree and puts together different ornaments, depending on the color theme that we decide. We put decorations in our yard and lights up outside. 

A strong holiday tradition we have is inviting over friends and family to eat the delicious cooking of my wife and other guests. 

A highlight of all of this is that we plan a time and date with friends and family and do a Gratitude Exercise. (You can read more about how to do that here).

What are some of your favorite traditions around the holidays? I know that this year things have changed due to COVID-19, and we have to do things virtually – some of that is tough but some of the virtual activities actually end up being a lot of fun.

However, as we end the year, I know that lots of families are stressed, frustrated, and lonely. They might not feel like engaging in a lot of their family traditions. Luckily, thanks to tools like Zoom, you can have a much more enriching experience that can include a lot more friends and family. If you can’t meet in person with your loved ones, plan a time and eat together on Zoom, talk and connect, and share what’s happening in your lives. Come up with a format that is good for everyone, and is emotionally enriching. 

After all, that’s what family traditions are about: creating meaning. So why not focus on creating meaningful traditions for yourself and your family these holidays? Things like taking care of yourself, appreciating who you are with Self-Praise, and expressing your gratitude towards what others have done for you. Maybe your new traditions include putting down your smartphone and connecting with your loved ones, playing board games or puzzles. You could create a tradition where you write notes to the people you care about the most. 

How about telling your kid, parents, and loved ones that I will be checking on your health every week just to make sure you are exercising, eating healthy, managing your weight or medical condition? This is creating a new Tradition of Love and Self-care. 

Make your new holiday traditions things that bring fun and joy for all. Create uplifting and enriching traditions this year. Make sure they are positive and bring Health and Happiness.

Life is short, why not have a blast with it?

Happy Holidays!