Too many of us live in a cycle of guilt when it comes to what we eat. I hear the phrases “I need to earn it” or “Oh look at me, I totally shouldn’t be eating this” or “Oh, no thanks, I feel guilty, I shouldn’t…” but then see someone grabbing a piece of cake.

When it’s a special occasion and you eat something that isn’t healthy, like a piece of cake, a cocktail, or a special homemade dinner by a friend–just eat it! 

Do not feel guilt. Have the ice cream and enjoy the moment

Why? Guilt ruins the experience for you. If you feel guilty, you will end up eating more of it.

eat healthy food

Instead, think of it this way: at the core are your healthy eating habits. You have good discipline in your life. This is the foundation. 

And, you enjoy your life. This means when you are on vacation or have a special event once in a while, you can engage in foods and drinks that you normally wouldn’t. 

Now, the key is that “once in a while” shouldn’t be every single weekend or every 3 days. 

How can you keep up your healthy eating habits and avoid guilt? 

Plan ahead. 

When I go to events or social gatherings, I usually eat at home so I don’t feel the pressure or worry of what I’m going to eat there. Then, I can enjoy a few items there that I want to enjoy, but they are not the focus of my evening. 

In the morning, I will have a big bowl of salad with veggie juice, 2-3 large glasses of lemon water. And in the afternoon, I will have some fruit or a smoothie. So, when I go out, I will eat snacks that I enjoy and skip a big meal, as it is not healthy for me to eat after 500 PM. I may finish everything at the latest by 7:00pm, and then allow my body to rest and detox till the next morning, so I have 14 hours of Fast before I eat the next day. 

This gives my body a chance to digest, Detox, and cleanse

Remember: it’s  not ALL or NOTHING. Enjoy the EXPERIENCE and have no GUILT

Guilt is a very destructive emotion and it hurts us more than helps us. Guilt makes you justify the wrong behavior, and then do it over and over again. Live a life of freedom and enjoy good experiences, like eating with your friends and family. When you are able to do this and feel enjoyment, you will come home filled with the sense you are living your life in balance and harmony.

When you allow yourself to experience self-love and self-acceptance, alongside the core of good habits, you will finally have a life worth living.