Top 3 Mindsets About Getting Healthy – Which One Are You?

To succeed in anything in life, we need a good psychological state that leads to a good strategy. 

80% percent of our success depends on the proper thinking (aka psychology) and 20% is the strategic approach we take.

What happens to all of us is that we get so tangled in our story and strategy that we do not look at our thinking around health and wellness. We get distracted by our story and we let it dictate how we act. 

Some stories we tell ourselves: 

I am sick because it runs in our family. 

I’m not that sick compared to my cousins/friends/sister/brother, etc. 

I need to enjoy my life, so I eat and drink whatever I want.

I eat the same as everyone else.

Does this sound familiar? I’m sure you can think of a few more.

I was there, too. 

I used to believe all of these lies, but I turned my health around after not being able to work for 6 months.

I changed my psychology about health and it was the beginning of becoming truly healthy.

Here are the top three mindsets people have about their health:

  1. I am going to do what I want to do and no one can tell me what to do. Sound familiar? We have all been there and some still are still there. Honestly…this one is tough. There’s nothing we can do but pray for them. Just love them, NEVER put them down, but instead encourage them and let God change them. I have been there. My wife and family loved me and God changed me.
  2. I am willing to listen, learn and make changes, but I am still going to party and eat what tastes good to me. Next week I’ll eat right or do a juice fast. Most people fall in this category. What is missing here is proper guidance, and finding someone who can be trusted for your health treatment. I have also been here–I was ready to change, but it took me finding someone I could trust and could help me get educated. That’s what truly changed the game for me and my health.
  3. I want to get healthy. I am determined to get off all my medication and restore my health. Very few people are here. I reached this stage when I was 55 years old and said enough is enough.

I was lucky to have the determination to find a way to be prescription-free and get healthy. Now I stay healthy, but it took me seven years, a journey to an Ayurvedic center in Kerala Nagarjuna, and a Naturopathic place in Jindal Bangalore.

I do not know where you are in your journey with your health and wellness, but I am sure you can identify with one or more of these attitudes. 

The most important question is: where do you want to go and whyOnce you have answered that and your psychology is set, you will truly be on the path towards health. If I can do it, even after being a pharmacist for 43 years, I am sure with proper guidance and follow-through you can, too!