Staying Healthy is simple and easy. As a Pharmacist, I didn’t really know this. I had to go through a journey from sickness to health. Finding my health was the best gift I could ever receive.

My suffering made me realize I must take charge of my health and find out what I must do to get healthy and, most importantly, STAY Healthy.

I realized that I never focused on getting my body detoxed and cleaned. I came to discover that the cause of ALL SICKNESSES is from ONE THING… 



To help you understand better, let me ask you a question:

How often do you cook in your kitchen and then clean your kitchen? 

Once in a while or daily?

Although it may be different for you individually, you keep it clean frequently. On top of this daily cleanup, you deep clean your kitchen once or twice a month.

When we are born, our bodies are clean and have no toxins and impurities. 

You can eat clean, organic, Vegan, plant-based whole food, which is good. But, as you eat, your body has to use the energy produced to digest the food, transport the nutrients to proper places, eliminate waste, and perform various other functions.

That is a lot of energy we use every day. But, just like a machine gets dirty after running continuously, your body also constantly stores toxins and gets dirty from the inside.

When you are not cleaning and detoxing regularly, you start feeling tired, your memory is not as efficient, and you lose your edge. 

That’s when something happens, and you go to a doctor and hear things like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, strokes, and many more. Again, this is due to the overload of toxins in your body.

You may feel bloated, gain weight, have migraines, have skin issues, lose sleep, and experience lower quality of life–even if you are eating healthy and exercising regularly.

We clean our external body daily by bathing, brushing, putting on all kinds of make-up, and dressing. We do that daily, 100% of the time. 

However, we neglect cleaning our bodies internally. 

This came to my realization, and I am now doing this daily. 

I clean daily by doing a water enema, 

eating one or two meals daily (Water-rich, fiber-rich, whole food, a plant-based diet loaded with Macro and Micronutrients).

My diet consists of 70% water-rich food items that are not fat, sugar, or processed.

I fast a few times a week, sometimes skip a few meals, or go without food for up to 3 days and only consume lemon water. 

Every 3 months, I do my gallbladder and Liver cleanse.

Liver cleanse

I am 67 years young, and am off all my medication and free from the health challenges that were plaguing me. I am so excited about my health and God-given talents that allow me to educate and share what ended the suffering for me with my family, friends, and all the people who come to me. 

I can do it with no strings attached mindset and give them the gift of my love and god given grace.

This is how simple it is. 

5 years back, I took medicines like antidepressants, sleeping pills, gout Pills, Viagra, cholesterol Pills, Anxiety medication, and more daily. 

But now, I am off of it. 

I am here to serve as a peaceful leader and servant to help you live a life of freedom from medicines and sickness.

I am blessed to help you, not only for your Physical betterment but also for your emotional and mental health.