These 5 Spices to help boost metabolism, lose weight & Improve digestion

I am from India and I was raised with lots of Indian cooking with spices and different kinds of Indian Tasty spicy curries.

I did not know as a kid this spices are actually really great for your health –along with making your food taste great, too!

These are 5 of the top spices for metabolism, weight loss, and improved digestion 

  1. Cayenne Pepper: It contains Capsaicin which makes it spicy, and it creates Thermogenesis (the process of heat production). Cayenne pepper boosts up your metabolism by 5%, which will help you burn calories faster, and it also speeds up fat-burning by 16% due to fat oxidation. If you prefer spicy food, try this compared to Red chili flakes, serrano peppers, tabasco sauce and many others.

  2. Ginger: This one is my favorite.. I make my Indian tea (chi) with Ginger and cardamom. I use half soy milk and half almond milk so this Indian tea is vegan. Ginger contains the compound Gingerol which is an  Antioxidant, and also helps with fat digestion and absorption. This also boosts up your metabolism by raising your body heat. You can also drink ginger water with a touch of lemon;  it’s very alkaline and healthy.
  3. Turmeric: I wrote an article on this on my blog and I cannot say enough about turmeric. It contains Curcumin and so many other beneficial ingredients. When you grind Turmeric root and make a powder out of it, the root has a lot more helpful nutrients. It aids in digestion, has Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, and Antioxidant properties. 


It helps with weight reduction by decreasing Insulin level and leptin resistance. You can add this to your cooking and it gives a nice color to your food, or you can add this to your infused water with lemon, ginger, Basil etc.

4. Cinnamon: This one also has so many benefits. It has been shown to reduce your Triglyceride and cholesterol, and there is data of it reducing glucose with the Type 2 diabetic population. It lowers blood pressure and it helps enhance activity of Insulin to move glucose into your organs and your body cells; this prevents sugar that is leftover in your body to turn into fat.

5. Cumin: This is one of my favorites. We use this when we are cooking our Indian food and along with Turmeric, Cinnamon we also add this to make our food tasty. Daily use of cumin reduces the blood level of fasting cholesterol and triglyceride and reduces Bad Cholesterol and Increases Good Cholesterol (HDL). Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference and fat mass was significantly reduced. The reason: Cumin contains Phytosterols- a plant compound. It also increases metabolic rate so you burn calories.

Enjoy the spices of life and your food that is yummy in taste.