Do you want to live your best life over the age of 60? You can! Life doesn’t stop or slow down just because you get older. Maybe you didn’t have the best habits when you were younger, and now those habits are catching up with you. That’s okay–you can still be fit, strong, and healthy as a 60 year young at heart.

Want to feel your best? Here are the things you should  avoid, reduce or eliminate after you are 60:

Feeling of Loneliness and Depression

This is very important. As we slow down or change the pace of our lives, we may have moments of these feelings. Find your purpose– your Why. 

Do not ignore this! Depression may be challenging. If you need professional help make sure to get it.

lonliness at old age

Developing new hobbies can help. For me, it was swimming and playing bridge. Join various groups like senior citizen groups or volunteer organizations where you can give your time and talents. When you are contributing and making a difference, you will be able to feel at your best. 

Loneliness and depression will create so many health challenges, and you do not want to go there. Staying busy and active is helpful for you, both mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Not drinking water every 30 minutes.

This is very important! Your body is over 60%+ water and some organs like your lungs and brain need water all the time to function properly. If you drop just 3% of the water content of your brain, you start feeling brain fog and tiredness–this is what I call feeling “brain dead.” You want to avoid this!

Stay hydrated

In order to avoid this, every 30 minutes, take 3 big gulps of water (which is about 4 to 6 0z of water). Make sure not to drink water during meals and 60 minutes after meals. Instead, eat water-rich foods like vegetables, soup, salad, fruits, smoothies, and veggie juices. Reduce or eliminate tea, coffee and alcohol, and stay away from sugary drinks and sodas. These all just dehydrate you. 

Not sleeping and not Moving

Sleep is the most important part of your health, wellness, and memory.  The time you get great quality sleep is the time when your body is healing.

Go to sleep between 9 and 10pm, and wake up around 5-6am.

sleep well

This gives you enough sleep and this works with the natural circadian rhythm of the body.

Now, when you are awake–don’t forget to move! 

Just walking or doing some aerobic exercise with some resistance is enough for a workout. If you don’t do this, you will see how your body starts to decline and you will age so much faster. 

Not Getting a regular health checkup

Make sure to see your doctor once or twice a year for your top to bottom health and wellness checkup. This includes blood and lab work up. Get your eyes checked once a year and visit your dentist once every 6 months. Remember, prevention is better than a cure! We all take our cars in for regular maintenance–why wouldn’t we do the same for our bodies?

selfcare things to do

With every decade, we have new and interesting challenges in our life. Turning 60 doesn’t mean we need to slow down or even stop doing the things we love. In fact, it can be a great time to invest in new hobbies, activities and a new lease on life!

What are your favorite activities and ways to keep yourself healthy after the age of 60?

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