Do you sometimes have the after lunch crash and doesn’t know why it happens? I have the answer: Energize Your Day with a Healthy Lunch!

Here is something for you to think about…

  • When we eat a heavy lunch loaded with fat and protein, our body gets busy digesting the food. All the blood rushes to the stomach area and it results in us feeling drowsy, tired and sleepy.
  • Food loaded with fats and protein make your blood very thick. Your blood flow slows down and that creates a feeling of fatigue.

How can you fix that?

  1. Eat a little less: Instead of eating until you are 100% full, eat 70% to 80% of your appetite and leave some room in your stomach for digestion. 
  2. Eat good food: Eat food that is water-rich,  not calorie-rich and dense. Water rich foods include salads, fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, sprouts, and soups. Make them 80% of food on your plate. These are the foods you want to eat. 
  3. Eat good carbs! Eat good carbs like vegetables, not bad carbs like sugar-loaded drinks, fried foods, cookies, crackers, sweets, ice cream, and desserts. When your body gets loaded with sugar from all of those types of foods, you may feel happy or think that you feel energized for that moment, and you may like it for that time, but a few hours later you will have a big energy drop and you will be very tired and sleepy. Wondering what you could bring to work to eat that would be healthy? Check out my latest blog about healthy snacks to eat at your desk.
  4. Get up and move! After eating lunch take a gentle walk that will improve your energy level and improve your blood circulation that will also help with digestion.
  5. Change up the time you drink fluids. Drink a big glass of water 30 minutes before your lunch that will help you with digestion and make you eat less. Do not drink water during lunch but drink it after 1 hour.

There is a very clear take home message to increase your energy and avoid the post-lunch slump:

Eat less, eat good food, and take a gentle 15 to 30 minute walk after eating lunch, and it will energize you.