I totally understand the burnout you might be going through. For over 33 years, I not only owned a retail pharmacy but ran every single piece of the day to day.

Being a business owner and now a consultant and coach, I know how busy business owners, CEOs, and Executives can be. 

We truly can pay the price for our hard work and success, and we face severe burn out.

Not only have I seen this in my own personal life, but I’ve coached busy professionals and seen how it impacted everything from their health and wellness to their relationships with their spouses. I’ve seen the effect on their children and the impact that stress builds within a family. 

physical health and mental wellbeing

Working hard can create lots of success in terms of money, but when the hard work and long hours aren’t managed properly, it comes at the cost of relationships, physical health, and mental wellbeing.  

I know more than most.

Ten years ago, I went through a personal health and mental crisis. (You can read more about my journey here).  I was on medications for sleep, anxiety, acid reflux, gout, high cholesterol, ED, and depression. I actually got to the point where I was not able to work for 6 months due to severe mental depression.  

I had to take my own journey to health in a sustainable way. 

Now I am freed from these conditions and off all the medications for the last 5 years!

Here are my best tips to overcome Burnout:


  • We all know the phrase “don’t take your work home with you.” In today’s digitally connected age, that feels impossible. However, one easy thing you can do when you come home from work is to give a big hug to your loved one. Take a pause, and ask them how their day is. (And actually listen when they give the response!) Connect emotionally with your spouse, kids, or parents. Before you enter your home, take 2 minutes to shift your focus and mind on connecting with your family. This might start with listening to a great podcast on your commute home.
  • One hour before going to bed, get out a piece of paper or a journal and follow the prompts: write 3 things that you are proud of that you did for that day and write 3 things you’re grateful for. Take a warm shower, engage with your family, read a book, and/or meditate for 15 minutes. Reflect back on your day: how could you have made this day better? Most importantly make sure to disconnect yourself from all your digital distractions and screens before bed! This will greatly increase your quality of sleep and optimize your productivity for the next day!

As a Pharmacist and now a Health, Wellness & Mental Fitness Coach, I have helped my clients, friends, and family to get their health back by guiding them and leading them to resources and solutions.

Additionally, I am a Senior Leader in the Tony Robbins program. Through that program, I’ve led and helped many people attending his various events like Business Mastery, Leadership Course, Transformational Date with Destiny & Life and Wealth Mastery.

Busy executives shouldn’t put their health aside for the good of their organizations or businesses. When you find the time to manage your own health, you will be greater in your success as well.