Have you ever considered mental fasting? 

In my last blog, I talked about the many benefits of fasting from food, and how fasting works to detox your body, giving your digestive system a vacation, while also positively impacting your organs, and lowering inflammation. 

What about mental fasting or mentally detoxing? Is there such a thing as mental fasting? Aren’t we thinking just all the time? Do you ever feel your thoughts skipping from one subject to the next? Work, family, work, life, etc.?

When do you give yourself rest from all of this hyperdrive thinking? 

I have to tell you something: now. The time is now. 

Take time out and bring all of your energy from your mind to your heart and get in touch with your inner self (your Higher self).

How? Take time to just sit and meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. You can always increase from there. 

Disconnect from the News.

Our news cycle is 24/7, with no break. How about disconnecting from the news for a day, or limiting watching your news for 15 minutes a day. Instead, use that time to read books on Personal growth. 

Some of my favorites are: Think and Grow Rich and The Magic of Thinking Big. Read a book on your faith. Read an autobiography. 

Listen to good Ted talk or YouTube videos. You can attend virtual seminars from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, or other experts from areas where you want to grow.

Detox from Digital.

Do you feel like you are constantly “plugged in?” That’s because we are! How about detoxing from digital devices? Just pick one day with no social media and no internet.  Just one day to connect with yourself and your family. 

I promise that this will bring such calmness and peace around you. You will feel connected to your higher self much more than your reactive self.

You can start your digital detox before bed. One hour before going to bed, make sure there is no cell phone, no TV, no Internet. Instead, play a board game, connect with friends and family, or read. Meditate, or soak in the tub or jacuzzi. Take a nice long shower. Journal or do gratitude exercises. 


Detoxing impacts your body and mental wellness. We need to flush all the junk from our minds and bodies so can achieve peace, inner fulfillment of happiness, and great physical health.

Your health is my number one concern. If you are experiencing pain and suffering, what have you tried? How has it been for you? You are always welcome to email me or message me so I can connect and educate you.


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