One question I like to ask myself is this: where do I feel the most amount of time in my true emotional home? 

If you would have asked me this 5 or more years ago, I would have said I was living in frustration and the feeling that I am not enough. I was living in feelings of sadness and failure. 

Living in this type of emotional home created doubt in me, and drained me of my creative energy. 

On top of it, I was hypercritical and a controller. This added more pressure and “fuel to the fire.” 

I could literally “feel” myself living this way. 

I would find myself getting angry with my family. I would get angry with myself. 

I used to get a sinus headache twice a week (minimum!)

My family has a history of Diabetes and blood pressure issues, and I was sure I was headed in the same direction if I did not make any changes to where I lived emotionally (Mentally). 


This was my reality until I made a change. 

What creates our emotions? I found an answer to that one which is the meaning I give to whatever happens around me:

Meaning creates emotions and that creates motion. 

Change the meaning and I can change the emotions… and I can change my life.

I started my Journey towards Vipassana Meditation ( around the year 2000 and the first meditation I did transformed me. 

Ever since then I have had no sinus headaches or even regular headaches!

This could be your reality, too.

(Sidebar: if you struggle with headaches or migraines, read this blog today!)

The new year is upon us. For the last 30 years, I have taken a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery of me. 

This Journey of mine brought me lots of tears, hardship and a lot of roadblocks

But I am so grateful for this experience and the investment of my time and a good amount of money

This has been the best investment for me.

Here’s what I have learned and used along the way: 

  1. At any given time, you can always find something good or bad that is around you or happening to you. Wherever your focus goes, the energy goes. I have trained my mind to focus on what is right and what I can, learn from whatever is going on around me. This requires practice. You might choose the end of the day to take time to reflect on what happened that day and move forward. It’s always a good idea to write in a Gratitude Journal before going to bed.
  2. Find something that you are good at and focus on serving for the sake of serving. What I mean by that is do something great where you are not looking for any rewards or recognition. When you give or share without any attachment, the happiness and joy that comes is priceless and so good to your mindset. Just be kind to yourself and others and live with an attitude of gratitude.
  3. Focus on growing in all areas of your life. 

Growth=Happiness. When you are growing you are happy. Grow in your relationships with yourself, your spouse, kids, family and with others. Grow mentally and emotionally by reading every day, listening to Ted Talks, Podcasts, YouTube and attending various live events and seminars. Even if you are not growing, you actually aren’t staying the same–you are going backward!

4. Spend time in nature and meditate. Go for a leisure walk alone in nature. Meditate every morning and evening. You can visit and go to the vipassana meditation 10 days retreat and learn how to effectively meditate.

Spend time in nature and meditate

       5. Find time to socially connect with your friends and develop solid, meaningful friendships. Have fun getting together to play games and do activities. Play with your kids and grandkids. Give your spouse a focused 20 to 30 minutes of time every single day where you put down all devices and distractions to connect and listen to each other. This time is very rewarding to you as a couple. It is essential to help you feel connected and to continue creating that spark between a couple that creates Intimacy. 


How will your life be if you practiced this for one month? What about for one year? 

What if you practiced all of these things…what would life look like 5 to 10 years from now? 

Who will you be inspiring

How many lives will be touched and transformed, including your own?