Why do we have high blood pressure? 

The answer may surprise you!

When talking about high blood pressure, we first must ask the question: 

Where does your body get energy from? 

It is from oxygen.

What is your body made up of? Cells – trillions of them – and all they need to function is oxygen. How do they get oxygen? Through your blood flow. 

When your normal blood flow slows down, what happens? 

Your oxygen does not reach some parts of your body. So, your body needs to increase the pressure of your blood so the oxygen reaches those areas of your body where oxygen is required.

Now…what causes your blood circulation to slow down? They are the same reasons or causes of your High Blood pressure.

Let us look at it from two different aspects: Emotional and Mental

What happens when we are under lots of emotional and mental tension?

Our body’s demand for oxygen goes up and our blood vessels that supply oxygen also get tightened and narrow down due to stress and tension. 

Now, your body is smart, so it wants to make sure you do get the oxygen that you need so it will raise the pressure of your blood so it can reach the areas of your body where there is a lack of oxygen.  What about blood pressure pills? That is a bandaid. It reduces blood pressure. But it may be a necessary band-aid you may need until you get hold of yourself and work on the mental and emotional aspects of your life. Mental and emotional issues are actually the major cause of high blood pressure.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem 

If you continue to take blood pressure medication, you will be helping your body deal, but not dealing with the root cause of why you have high blood pressure in the first place.

What are the remedies that work on the root cause? Sometimes you may need to get help from a professional who can help you lower your blood pressure. Not through a blood pressure pill, but by addressing the emotional and mental concerns that are leaving you stressed and anxious. Develop a healthy mindset.

Talk to your loved ones, and get their support. Ask for forgiveness, or forgive others. 

Work on yourself. Get regular sleep, and engage in feelings and practices of gratitude (there are some tips here).

Write in a journal, and keep a gratitude journal. Every morning when you wake up and right before bedtime, practice meditation for 15 minutes or more.

Diet: Eating fatty foods with lots of oil, fat, and sugar makes your blood very thick and acidic. What happens when your blood becomes thick? It slows down and your heart has to pump harder – so your blood pressure gets elevated. Those same foods are also calorie-rich and nutritionally poor. They make you fat and obese.

Those foods are dairy products, meat, processed food like snacks, candy, cereals, food bars, chips, cookies, and crackers. What do we eat most of it?

How about if we start eating food rich in water, Calorie balanced, nutritionally rich, and loaded with Macro and Micronutrients and fiber? What are those foods? Water, fruits, vegetables, soup, salads, beans, legumes, smoothies, vegetable juice, and nuts. 

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Make sure to move and work out: That keeps your blood moving and flowing. Walk, stretch, do resistance workouts, and/or aerobic workouts 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes. This will keep you in good physical condition and help you keep your blood flowing.

Bottom line: work on your Emotional, Mental, Physical Health, and Diet and you will eliminate High BP. It is that simple!