Why do people with chronic health Issues like Diabetes, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Asthma, and other Auto-Immune disorders experience burnout when they are trying to get and stay healthy? 

To answer this question, you must first answer this:

What does our body live on, food or oxygen? 

The answer is obviously oxygen. Our cells need oxygen, and that is how our body functions (at a very fundamental level).  

People with chronic health conditions need healing, and healing requires energy. 

When we look at the lifestyle of many people who have chronic health conditions, you will see a correlation–they also have a compromised lifestyle. They are often eating processed, fatty food with lots of sugar. 

These foods are not nutritious at all, and they create an environment for blood that is acidic.

Imagine acid running through our blood! Sounds scary, and it is, because this acid will damage our blood vessels and organs. 

What does our body do in response? 

Our body develops cholesterol to protect our arteries and veins. Even after that, though, there is still so much acidic waste and toxins that our body has to create fat so it can keep our acids in the fat storage so the acid does not damage our bodies. 

The body is a wonderful thing, and in trying to protect ourselves, we are building up fats that will then hurt us. 

Additionally, when we eat processed, fatty, oily foods with lots of sugar, our blood becomes very thick. This food is usually lacking in macro and micronutrients. 

Putting this food inside our bodies, day in and day out, will cause our bodies to burn out.

Anything we eat our body has to use energy to digest and eliminate. We choose if we feed our body “dead” or “live” foods; dead foods being the processed, fatty, oily foods with sugar, and live foods, the latter which are loaded with water, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based proteins that are healing to our body.

You can see very quickly why and how our bodies get burned out.

Our bodies are telling us a story. They are asking us to slow down, to eat better. Many inflamed people have their “Check engine” light on, but are ignoring it. 

On top of all this, add in a digital overload of information, work, and other events of life that cause stress and tension. And on top of that add people eating late at night, going to sleep late at night, not sleeping enough… 

When and where does our body get the chance to repair and heal?

The key is to look at a lifestyle that is destructive and replace it with a healing lifestyle. This would include things like going to bed early, getting up early, exercising aerobically, eating raw food like salad in the morning versus a morning ritual of cream cheese, bagels, bacon, donuts, and orange juice all loaded with sugar and fat. 

All these choices are creating poisons in the body, zapping people of vital energy, and creating burnout.

People with chronic health issues must work out a plan.

  1. Take away food that causes all the issues and replace it with a Whole food plant-based diet of vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans. Do you want to know foods that are extra important to get rid of inflammation? Read here!
  2. Stay away from animal proteins, dairy, eggs, sugary processed food, and fast junk food. 
  3. Do aerobic exercise and diaphragmatic berating
  4. Drink lots of water, about 3000 to 4000ml (1gallon of water) a day.That means eliminating caffeine, soda, wine, beer, alcohol, and carbonated sparkling water. These are all acidic and ultimately dehydrate our body.
  5. Do 12 to 18 hours of intermittent fasting so the body gets a chance to heal and detox. (Are you confused about the difference between fasting and detoxing, and how you can safely do this for your health? Contact me and I will set up an individualized program for you. 
  6. Manage stress by seeing a professional, doing meditation and writing in a gratitude journal, and helping others by volunteering.

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