Why Millions of People Are Getting Cancer and How Can I Prevent It?

Working in the traditional health care system as a pharmacist for 44 years, I saw so many cases of cancer. I faced this in my personal life, too, with my mother, who died of bladder cancer.  

I wanted to find out why my mother died of cancer. After all, she was a  vegetarian, never smoked, and was eating healthy.

You are probably like me and want answers. Or you fear for your own health. 

Lots of us have seen our family, friends, and loved ones suffering from all kinds of cancer.  There are too many to name, but I’m sure you know someone who has suffered from Breast cancer, Kidney cancer, Prostate cancer, Lung cancer.  

Some of them have survived, and some were not so lucky and have passed away, like my own mother.

What if I told you there are ways to prevent cancer from happening to you? 

Before I do that, let me tell you how we develop cancer. Firstly, cancer is not always a death sentence, but rather a sign of toxicity in your body. As we keep eating good (as well as not-so-good) food, we create waste that needs to be eliminated. Our input of food is more than our output of waste. 

So, our body is overloaded with waste, and our cells of organs are loaded with waste and toxins that have not been eliminated from our bodies. 

There is such a big overflow that our body cannot deal with it, it has to do something so we can live. 

Our system will now change the cells from normal cells to cancer cells so we can live with less oxygen and fewer nutrients, and they will use sugar as the source for their survival.

Now we have cancer.  We then burn the cells with chemo or radiation, and while it kills cancer, we are creating more toxins within our bodies. Plus, now we have many bad side effects, like loss of hair, nausea, vomiting, compromised immunity, and many more. 

Some people are not able to handle these complications, or even chemo or radiation. They have complications of health due to the toxicity in the body and are not able to survive. The body gives up and dies. 

All of this time, we keep on still eating more or less the same food that created this problem.

What is the solution? 

It is a combination of changing the foods we eat, and giving your body a deep cleansing and detoxing of the entire cellular structure, as well as all the fluids like blood and lymph.

In order to have the correct type of cleanse and detox, you need proper information and support. 

Once all the toxins and waste are eliminated, your cells can say “thank you” and change from cancer cells to normal cells.  

You then do not have any more cancer cells left. You are healthy.

To recap: you do not have to burn the cancer cell (radiation) or kill them with chemicals (chemotherapy). All you have to do is stop the sugar and all the bad food that is creating more poison in your body, and go then go through a Detox and Cleanse.

Detox and Cleanse aren’t only applicable towards your physical self. We also have to detox and cleanse ourselves emotionally and mentally. This might mean dealing with forgiveness or resentment towards a family member or friend. It may mean forgiveness, and letting go. It means living a life that is thankful and practicing gratitude. 

When I’m working with someone on how to do an emotional and mental cleanse, I urge them to look at movies that make them laugh. Stay positive. Write, journal, and meditate. Try Laughter Yoga. (You can learn more about that here: https://laughteryoga.org/). 

Stay emotionally happy.

Now your body is healing and your health is restored.

I was reading this book called Cancer is not a Disease, it is a Survival Mechanism by Andreas Moritz. He explains this theory in much more detail. 

Let me tell you, some of the hospitals have a quota system of how many people are put on Chemo and Radiation. They use fear so people take this route of chemo or radiation versus finding alternative ways to treat their bodies, alongside traditional health care. Sadly, some in our medical system have no vested interest – they only care about making money off of you. 

You do have options and alternative ways to integrate ways of treating your health conditions. This might include drinking green juices, eating clean food, and thoroughly cleansing and detoxing your body.